Can Your Coffee Maker Really Burn Down Your House? Find Out Now!

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I recently had a close encounter with a potential disaster in my home. I was brewing a pot of coffee in my trusty coffee maker when I noticed a strange burning smell. At first, I thought it was just the coffee brewing, but as the smell grew stronger, I realized something was seriously wrong.

As it turns out, my coffee maker had malfunctioned and was on the verge of catching fire. Luckily, I caught it in time and was able to unplug it before any serious damage was done. But it got me thinking – can coffee maker burn down house, and what can we do to prevent them?

After doing some research, I found that coffee maker fires are more common than you might think. In fact, according to the National Fire Protection Association, coffee makers and other cooking appliances are responsible for nearly half of all home fires. So, it’s important to take this potential hazard seriously and take steps to minimize the risk.

Understanding the Risks: Can Coffee Maker Burn Down House?

Understanding the Risks
Understanding the Risks

As a coffee lover, I know the importance of having a good coffee maker at home. However, it’s important to understand the potential risks associated with these appliances. Here, I will discuss how coffee makers can cause fires and provide some statistics on coffee maker fires.

How Coffee Makers Can Cause Fires

Coffee makers can cause fires in a number of ways. One common cause is electrical malfunctions. If the wiring or other electrical components inside the coffee maker are damaged or faulty, they can overheat and ignite nearby materials. Another potential cause is leaving the coffee maker on for too long. If the coffee maker is left on for an extended period of time, the heating element can become too hot and ignite nearby materials.

Another way that coffee makers can cause fires is through user error. For example, if the coffee maker is placed too close to flammable materials like curtains or paper, it can ignite these materials. Similarly, if the coffee maker is placed on an unstable surface, it can tip over and spill hot coffee or water, which can also cause a fire.

Statistics on Coffee Maker Fires

According to the National Fire Protection Association, coffee makers were responsible for an average of 290 home fires per year between 2014 and 2018. These fires resulted in an average of one death, 16 injuries, and $7 million in property damage per year. While these numbers may seem small, it’s important to remember that any fire can be dangerous and costly.

It’s also worth noting that these statistics only include reported fires. It’s possible that there are much more coffee maker fires that go unreported each year. Additionally, these statistics do not account for the many near misses and close calls that occur when coffee makers malfunction or are used improperly.

Preventing Coffee Maker Fires

Preventing Coffee Maker Fires
Preventing Coffee Maker Fires

Regular Maintenance and Cleaning

I make sure to regularly maintain and clean my coffee maker to reduce the risk of fire. I clean the carafe and filter basket after each use to prevent any leftover coffee grounds from igniting. I also regularly descale my coffee maker to prevent mineral buildup that can cause the machine to overheat.

To descale my coffee maker, I mix equal parts water and white vinegar and run it through the machine. Then, I run two cycles of just water to rinse out any leftover vinegar. I do this every three months or as recommended by the manufacturer.

Choosing the Right Coffee Maker

When choosing a coffee maker, I make sure to select one that has safety features such as automatic shut-off and overheat protection. I also make sure to choose a coffee maker with a sturdy, non-flammable exterior.

I avoid purchasing cheap or knockoff brands that may not have been tested for safety. I also avoid purchasing used coffee makers, as I cannot be sure of their previous use or maintenance.

Safe Use and Placement

I always make sure to use my coffee maker according to the manufacturer’s instructions. I never leave it unattended while it is brewing or plugged in. I also make sure to unplug it when I am finished using it.

I place my coffee maker on a sturdy, level surface away from any flammable materials such as curtains or paper. I also make sure not to place it near any water sources or in areas where it may be knocked over.

By taking these precautions, I can enjoy my morning cup of coffee without worrying about the risk of a fire.

What to Do in Case of a Fire

What to Do in Case of a Fire
What to Do in Case of a Fire

If you ever experience a fire in your home caused by a coffee maker or any other appliance, it is important to know what to do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Here are the steps you should take:

Evacuation Plan

If you notice a fire in your home, the first thing you should do is evacuate the premises immediately. Do not try to put out the fire yourself, as it can be dangerous and cause serious harm. Gather your family members and pets, and get out of the house as quickly and safely as possible. If possible, use an exit that is farthest from the fire. Remember to stay low to the ground if there is smoke, and feel doors for heat before opening them.

Once you are outside, call 911 or your local emergency services to report the fire. Do not go back inside the house, even if you think you left something important behind. Wait for the fire department to arrive and let them handle the situation.

Extinguishing the Fire

If the fire is small and contained, you may be able to put it out using a fire extinguisher. However, it is important to only attempt to extinguish the fire if you feel confident and safe doing so. Remember the acronym PASS: Pull the pin, Aim at the base of the fire, Squeeze the handle, and Sweep from side to side.

If you are unable to put out the fire or if it is too large, evacuate the premises immediately and call 911. Do not attempt to put out the fire yourself or use water to extinguish an electrical fire, as this can cause electrocution.

Remember to always prioritize your safety and the safety of others in case of a fire. Have a fire evacuation plan in place and practice it with your family members regularly. By being prepared and knowing what to do, you can help prevent a small fire from turning into a devastating disaster.


After researching and analyzing the potential dangers of coffee makers – Can coffee maker burn down house? I have come to the conclusion that while they can pose a fire hazard, the risk is relatively low if proper precautions are taken.

It is important to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions and never leave a coffee maker unattended while it is in use. Regular cleaning and maintenance can also help prevent any malfunctions that could lead to a fire.

If you do experience any issues with your coffee maker, such as strange noises or smells, it is important to stop using it immediately and seek professional assistance to diagnose and repair the problem.

Overall, while there is a potential risk of a coffee maker causing a fire, with proper use and maintenance, this risk can be minimized. As with any appliance, it is important to use common sense and take necessary precautions to ensure your safety and the safety of your home.

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