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Shugs Customer Apologies

Over the past fuel months, we here at Shugs Southern Soul Cafe, have been experiencing a Shortage of Restaurant Staff, In general, we want to show Our Customers that our Restaurant, internalizes, and responds to reviews. We Apologize if there have been any poor Customer experience. It is a pleasure to announce that we will be implementing measures and immediately Hiring New Staff. Shugs Southern Soul Cafe, is now hiring Waitress, Waiter jobs available. Click HERE >>><<< (1) Chef Cook Job Available. 5792 Memorial Blvd, Saint George, South Carolina. Call us to setup an interview 1-843-563-2300 (Chef Noah Coleman)
Shugs Southern Soul Cafe
5792 Memorial Blvd
Saint George, South Carolina 29201


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Sunday 11:00am - 4:00pm